Contoh soalan temuduga Petronas 3

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Interview Details – 1. Called for invitation on the day after (1st Stage - Structured Interview)
- waited in a waiting room with 11 other candidates
- HR checked all cert and copies
- filled in application form
- half an hour before my turn, given case study (my title - Reputation Factor)
- entered interview room
- one interviewer only

2. After a week, got a call telling i passed 1st stage and invited for 2nd stage (Competency Based Interview)
- waited in waiting area
- entered interview room when called
- 2 interviewers (both senior personnel)
Interview Questions
  • 1. Structured Interview
    - describe a bit about yourself
    - case study - interviewer just asked me to elaborate, give example about the case
    - role play - as plant manager dealing with river pollution next to the plant, interviewer become rep from DOE, rep from Datuk Bandar and environmental activists
  • 2. Competency Based Interview
    -Tell us about your development area?
Negotiation Details – Just be yourself, don't create any situation when required. Don't afraid to ask them to simplify their questions if you don't understand.
Other Details - applied online and the process took 3 weeks.