Jawatan kosong MAS

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Malaysian Airlines (Mas) is a state-owned airline. History of MAS begins with the formation of Malayan Airway Limited company, linking the Penang and Singapore by air in 1937. After Singapore separated from Malaysia in 1965, the company changed its name to Malaysian Airlines Limited.

The headquarters of the Malaysian Airlines (MAS) is in the capital city of Malaysia, right at the airport kuala lumpur. MAS serves flights across the ASEAN region, Asia, Europe and the Americas regions. State-owned airline's award winning financial award few years ago. Every day MAS escort 37 thousand passengers to the destination. Destinations that can be served up to 80 airports throughout the world. Air transport is a mode of transportation that offers comfort and luxury for passengers. 

Malaysian Airlines (MAS) looking for job candidates that can integrate with the team, working hard, never give up and want to carry out heavy work. 

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